Top 5 Things to Consider When Planning your Dream Garden and Pool Design

Are you thinking about a bespoke swimming pool for your garden? Before beginning the swimming pool design and build process, there are some factors to consider. Landscape gardener, Katja Griffiths of Design by Katja is on hand to help with 5 top tips.

What is the Purpose of your Garden and Pool Design?

Are you planning your garden and pool design to be used for leisure or for fitness? Are you looking for beauty, versatility, or both? Do you have children who may want to have some input into your Katja garden pool design?

How Much Space do you have for your Katja Garden Pool Design?

Design by Katja can help you to plan the perfect combination of garden and pool design to fully utilise every size and shape of garden and include optional features such as a pool house, shower facilities, or sunbathing area.

What Style of Garden and Pool Design?

Design by Katja ensures that your garden design style complements the surrounding architecture, interior design and landscape, whilst taking into consideration the appropriate use of space.

What Plants will Suit your Garden Design?

Let Design by Katja help you to choose plants based on their structure, texture and colour as the perfect companions to your Katja pool design.

What Accessories Should you Choose?

Lights can highlight focal points, ensure safety and create a festive atmosphere when entertaining. Art and sculptures can help to bring the unity of your pool and garden design together. With over 20 years of design experience, Katja Griffiths will help you to create the most beautiful and harmonious space for your swimming pool and garden.

Speak to Katja Griffiths today to discuss the best swimming pool and garden design options for you.