Light up your Garden with Design By Katja

There are many things to consider when choosing your dream garden and pool design which can be overwhelming. For example, poolside plants should be carefully considered among factors such as lighting of your swimming pool to complement your garden and the architecture of your house.

Lighting is something that is often overlooked. Natural lighting is important to receive the maximum amount of sun, but a few well-placed lights can really add atmosphere to the garden and pool design.

Focal Lighting for Garden and Pool Design

Focal lighting highlights certain features of your swimming pool and garden. Focal lighting can add drama to the landscape by enhancing reflective qualities on the surface of the water. This type of lighting also displays points of interest in the garden such as statues, ornaments, plants and water features as well as illuminating pathways, steps and access points.

Garden and Pool Design with Underwater Lighting

Underwater pool lighting adds a soft glow to your garden, enhancing textures and adding mystery, creating a subtle ambience at night time.
Underwater lighting also gives an element of safety at night. For families with small children or pets, underwater lighting is essential to avoid people or animals falling into the swimming pool.

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Design by Katja was created by Katja Griffiths, a landscape gardener with extensive experience of garden and swimming pool design around London, Sussex and Surrey. Katja Griffiths takes every detail of the project into consideration in order to provide the perfect garden and pool design for every client.