Garden and Swimming Pool Design – Using Paths and Paving

Pathways are an important feature in swimming pool and garden design. Alongside the obvious benefit of giving access to certain areas of your garden, paths can create structure, style and unity in your outside space.

Garden and Pool Design Cohesion

There are many things to consider when planning your garden design and pathways should come first. Aside from the practical necessity, pathways give design cohesion. When choosing your paths, try to pay attention to detail and keep path widths and colour consistent.

Materials for your Paths and Pool

Choose a theme for your pathways. Keeping the materials consistent creates a stylish and harmonious look to your garden design. Limestone, York stone, sandstone, granite, bricks and resin bound permeable paving are all good choices and work well in a small or large garden in a variety of styles.

Ensure that any materials you use for pathways are anti-slip for safety reasons and that the paths you create work well with the architecture of your house and surroundings to give that all-important harmonious feel.

Cranbourne Stone offers natural stone tiles, grilles and coping from over 10 countries worldwide. To get a truly harmonious pool and garden design, match your swimming pool finishes to you pathways. Cranbourne Stone’s range of deck grilles are created in a variety of luxury natural stone finishes and provide perfect drainage for your swimming pool. The company also offers top quality precast pool coping so all your swimming pool finishes can match beautifully.

Swimming Pool Design

A pathway’s main function is to lead you from A to B and this is most important when incorporating a swimming pool design into your garden. Choose a simple stone pathway to frame and lead the way to your luxury swimming pool or perhaps to integrate a water feature.

Pathways and paving are the perfect way to create structure and space in your garden design and can bring a sense of unity and theme to your garden.

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