Family Friendly Garden and Swimming Pool Design

There are many things to consider when thinking of a garden and swimming pool design. For families, in particular, safety is a number one factor.

Katja Griffiths, owner of Design by Katja, is a garden and pool designer with over 20 years experience of garden design project management in Sussex, London and Surrey. Katja looks at each and every aspect of a garden and then tailors the garden and pool design to exactly what her clients want and need on an individual basis.

Safe Garden and Pool Designs for Families

It is important to build a swimming pool within view of the house, preferably the living room or kitchen, so that a constant eye can be kept on swimming children.

It may be a benefit to install a barrier around the swimming pool to keep children and pets from falling in. These barriers can be cleverly disguised with planting and landscaping. Adding underwater lighting can further improve safety at night when a swimming pool can go unnoticed in the dark.

Add a Summer House to your Garden and Pool Design

Many of the Design by Katja clients have a summer house in their garden and pool design. This can be beneficial as it provides somewhere separate from the house to get changed and dry, avoiding puddles and wet feet running in and out. The summer house also provides extra space to store pool toys, loungers, garden equipment and serve refreshments.

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