When looking to redesign or build a swimming pool in your garden, it is worth sparing a thought for your garden landscape and the effects building a pool will have on it. If you are considering garden landscaping and swimming pool design, it is certainly worth undertaking them together. Katja Griffiths of Design by Katja is the perfect person to talk you through the process.

Swimming pool and garden design

It is easy to forget that building a swimming pool in your garden is a significant project that will require a lot of work and excavation of soil. Planning your garden design for once your pool is complete will really add to the finished effect, and prevent any unsightly building remnants.

Planning your swimming pool and garden together will also ensure consistency of the architecture, design and landscape. Katja’s garden and pool designs marry the two entities seamlessly, and will consider the relationship between the spaces and structures providing planting, paving, furniture, sculpture and design features to unite them.

Garden and pool project management

As an expert swimming pool and garden designer with over 20 years’ experience, Katja can guide you through the process to ensure you face minimal disruption, and the end result will be a swimming pool and garden design that perfectly suits your property and your lifestyle.

Contact Katja Griffiths to discuss how she can bring your garden and swimming pool project together for a beautiful result.